What Is Chia Seed And How To Use A Vitacost Discount Code To Buy Online

What Is Chia Seed

Chia seeds are naturally occurring, rich in protein nutritional supplements found in the market today. They are well known for their aid in weight loss with thousands of people testifying their effects.


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Assists in weight loss – Chia seeds are purportedly popular for their help in weight loss, although some research shows the opposite. Once you eat them, you will be full’ for a long time thereby reducing food cravings that may contain a lot of fat. They also prevent certain foods from getting absorbed into the system thus blocking unnecessary calories.

Omega-3 – According to nutritionists, Omega-3 fatty acids can normalize the blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. This ensures a healthy blood flow in the blood vessels and heart. Omega-3 is also vital when it comes to protection against inflammation such as arthritis.

Benefits for diabetic patients – Chia seeds slow down the conversion of carbohydrates to simple sugars therefore they control the blood sugar level.

Hydration – Chia seeds are helpful to athletes who operate in hot weather and require frequent hydration of their bodies.

Assist in joint body function and mobility – with high calcium content and great amounts of high-quality protein, Chia seeds help to strengthen muscles and bones.

Natural detoxification – Chia seeds are found to be rich in fiber which is needed to prevent constipation. As they pass through the digestive tract, they remove toxins that are harmful to our bodies.

Here’s a video which talks about the benefits of these seeds.


Chia seeds are easy to eat. They can be consumed raw or coupled up with different meals. Chia seeds have high absorption rate forming a gelatinous texture when added to water making it easily mixable with cooked cereals or other dishes.

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Although Chia seeds’ health benefits are truly many, a few people have complained about gastrointestinal disruptions, such as flatulence, stomach bloating and formation of gas after ingesting Chia seeds. This has been attributed to Chia’s high fiber content.


Chia seeds differ in price depending on the color and sachet size. In a nutshell, they range from $6 to $30 in Amazon.com. They are worth the price if you enroll to the monthly subscriptions. However, I encourage you to look for a vitacost promo and use it to save 10% off the product’s price.


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