My Coupon Advice to You

Did you know that you could save more than 60% on your grocery expenses? While the majority of consumers leave the super market with a sense of emptiness –  expressed on their wallet – there are people who could get the same things but keep their enough money intact.

The department of Agriculture estimated that right now the average family of four is spending $236 per week on their groceries, so that means an annual budget about $12,000. Assuming that the experts are correct and their anticipated 5% increase in food prices is going to come into effect this year, that can translate to $615 dollars for the average family in 2014. How are these families going to save money?

The answer is coupons

 Those ads inserts you see in the newspaper or even your mailbox which promise you they will get you a discount on products and prompt you to cut them off and use them at your local grocery store, restaurant, hair saloon, car wash or cinema.

Anyway, here are a few tips to maximize the benefits of coupons:

Since, most coupons can be found in newspapers – especially your local paper – don’t  buy only one. Try to get as many as you can. Your profit from the savings by far outweighs their cost. Besides, some local papers are given for free and those are full of coupons. Also, ask from friends, colleagues or neighbors to give you ad inserts they won’t use. Organize them in boxes by category or by expiring date.

 I am sure you often get brochures at your mail box from local businesses and you just grab them with anger and trash them to the recycle bin. Now, almost all of them have at least one coupon inside you can redeem at the business they advertise. Next time you come from work and you see your mail box stuffed with ads, don’t get mad. Open it and take them with you. You might need some of these. However, I am going a step further; if you live in a building with apartments there are dozens of mailboxes at the lobby many of which are never used cause they are not owned by someone or their owner just doesn’t care. Go ahead, look around and grab those brochures and you will probably end up with 11 free meals at the new Vietnamese restaurant or get 3 hair cuts in half price and  enjoy 5 free pizzas with your friends at the Friday movie night.

Printable Coupons From Internet

 As you know there are many sites that offer printable coupons for grocery stores and depots. That’s great news cause it means you don’t always have to buy a newspaper to collect them. But, before jumping all excited and start printing every coupon you see online, be careful. If you are not sure that a coupon you find online is legitimate, go to where you will find a place to enter the verified code that is found on each printable coupon. It’s a unique number, that’s why you shouldn’t photocopy printable coupons. It’s one is unique.


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