Coupons: Here is Why I Use Them, How About You?

Why do you prefer to make use of coupons? Do you love the idea of setting aside your coupon-goodies for the exciting things in this life, such as good vacations or just leisure events? Are you making savings so you can settle fees for your children, or are you simply interested in using them to ease your budget?


It’s been long since I shared my true story of couponing through this column. When it dawned on us back in 2008 that we were due to receive another baby, and my youngest kid was a couple of months close to turning 2 years, and it quickly reminded me that we’ll definitely be in a scenario where the two young ones will be in diapers at the same time, soon as the new one arrived.

How did I get attracted to the world of couponing? Believe it or not, diapers did it. I figured out they were going to be expensive, then quickly told myself that if I could get a way to save some cash on the diapers, it would go a long way in relaxing the budget. I immediately discovered that besides diapers, several household stuff could also help us save money.

The subsequent two years saw me become exceptional at the art of coupon-to-sales matching and at the same time learning to pile up stock whenever prices are low. Around 2008, friends and family requested me to offer a coupon lesson at the library in our local area. That initial class grew tremendously in popularity with 162 people signing up, up from the library’s hitherto highest signing of 30 students. As you can guess, I found a new job overnight. Speaking bookings soared and come October the same year, I was granted the chance to author a syndicated column in a famous magazine.

Couponing has now grown to become my passion. Even more, it’s become a part of my life, seeing my family through tight circumstances besides enabling us to have extra money for those special things that life offers. Think of vacations, trips, night-outs to the best places etc. We are now glad that we can comfortably pay for the education of our kids especially considering that we have a daughter in college, knowing how challenging it can get.

I’m ever keen to learn of what motivates other people to give couponing a chance. It appears my readers are keen as well:

Hey John,

It may help your audience to understand why people get into couponing. There are certainly people out there who search for deals, then proceed to make purchases without considering coupons. Talk of clothing, groceries, gasoline, whatever.

People who are keen on coupons must understand that these are not some kind of gifts from manufacturers; they are a form of advertising with the aim of ensuring that customers keep purchasing a particular item or try something new. Companies normally contract advertising firms to help promote their products alongside incentives in order to increase sales. The manufactures are continuously keen to recruit new customers. It’s common to find people with grown-up families looking for coupons to do with fewer items and or smaller sizes. Complaining over the lack of coupons suitable for those among us who utilize so little but all the same are in need of these as a way of balancing our budget on food may not work simply because this is no way to earn new customers who purchase huge boxes of items like cereal and cleaning powders.

The TV ads are created to let the manufacturer come out as one who is concerned about the welfare of the consumer. We need to view such ads with some measure of reality and know that it’s merely advertising.

Your explanation in this column is wonderful. I’ll be eager to hear your view on why people take to couponing. I personally love it not because we are not in a position to afford full price but rather because I was brought up during the late 30s-50s in a poor family. So, having unspent money at the end of the month  means a lot to me.

I was taught to utilize whatever was available, repurpose whatever remained and waste nothing. My better status in life has not erased those lessons, I always try to conserve and not waste.

So, what exactly motivates people to go into couponing?

Lets all try to explore this together. What drives you to make use of coupons? I will be so happy to hear your experiences, trust my readers will be glad too. Drop me a line.


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