Weight Watchers Promo Codes and Breakfast Ideas

Weight Watchers is everywhere. Whether at work, in the community, or the university campus, you will find a place to attend the famous Meetings. Did you know you can attend Weight Watchers totally online? This month, Weight Watchers OnlinePlus offers a great promotion code. To get this discount you need to purchase the 3-months plan.

Coupon for Weight Watchers

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Three Delicious Weight Watchers Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and as we all know it fuels us for the day ahead! Here are some ideas that I love and can confirm are both delicious and healthy!

1) Eggs & Vegetable Breakfast

Ingredients: 3 eggs (4 points), bowl of pre chopped tomatoes, onions and peppers, small amount of shredded cheese, salt, pepper, a few small drops of hot sauce (once all other ingredients are added to the eggs the meal is 5 points)

Instructions: First I crack the three eggs and put them into a small bowl. I have a plastic container that I have of pre-chopped vegetables that I use for other meals that contains tomatoes, onions and peppers. I take a small handful of the vegetables and drop them into the bowl with the eggs. I stir the bowl until everything is well mixed. Afterwards I have the frying pan heated on the stove and put the mix into the pan. Scramble the eggs and veg until fried to your liking. Voila! There you have it , a great meal for 5 points!

2) Peanut Butter Wrap with Bananas

Ingredients: 1 high fibre tortilla wrap= 2 points , 1 tbspn of peanut butter=2.5 points, chopped bananas = 0 points

Instructions: lay your tortilla flat and spread your peanut butter throughout the centre. Next put your chopped banana on the wrap in the centre and fold over the tortilla. A simple and easy to make breakfast that’s also delicious for only 4.5 points! I love this recipe because it’s so quick and easy to to prepare also such a great alternative to an energy bar

3) Fruit Smoothie

* It’s important to note that for this recipe I used strawberries that I purchased fresh and then diced and froze myself HOWEVER you can easily do this with prepackaged fruit or just generally any fruit to make a delicious and healthy smoothie! There is always a lot of room for variation when it comes to making smoothies and I always prefer using frozen fruit instead of ice cubes to avoid the smoothie from ending up too watery

Ingredients: 1/2 cup of skimmed milk = .5 points , fat free yogurt = 2 points, whey protein= 1.5 points, banana = 0, strawberries=0

Instructions: I start off by putting a whole banana into the blender, then I add the frozen strawberries followed by the strawberry yoghurt to compliment the taste. I follow this by adding the milk and then some whey protein powder and mixing thoroughly. When you finish blending you have a beautiful mix of fresh fruit and protein which is the perfect and healthy alternative to an energy drink to start your day! Please note that smoothies are great no matter what time of day it is, not just for breakfast! I have them throughout the day as a healthy snack.

Once you join Weight Watchers, you will get access to many recipes. Skeptical about joining? Use the Weight Watches promotion code I have given you to save 20%.

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What Is Chia Seed And How To Use A Vitacost Discount Code To Buy Online

What Is Chia Seed

Chia seeds are naturally occurring, rich in protein nutritional supplements found in the market today. They are well known for their aid in weight loss with thousands of people testifying their effects.


Where to Find Vitacost Promo Codes

Vitacost.com has a seemingly endless list of organic products, herbs, seeds, mushrooms and dried fruits, apart from all those nutrition supplements, protein powders, oil softgels and mineral tablets. If you want to save some money from you orders at vitacost.com, you can search online for a vitacost discount code and apply it at checkout. Usually, you get 10% off your purchase plus free shipping.


Assists in weight loss – Chia seeds are purportedly popular for their help in weight loss, although some research shows the opposite. Once you eat them, you will be full’ for a long time thereby reducing food cravings that may contain a lot of fat. They also prevent certain foods from getting absorbed into the system thus blocking unnecessary calories.

Omega-3 – According to nutritionists, Omega-3 fatty acids can normalize the blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. This ensures a healthy blood flow in the blood vessels and heart. Omega-3 is also vital when it comes to protection against inflammation such as arthritis.

Benefits for diabetic patients – Chia seeds slow down the conversion of carbohydrates to simple sugars therefore they control the blood sugar level.

Hydration – Chia seeds are helpful to athletes who operate in hot weather and require frequent hydration of their bodies.

Assist in joint body function and mobility – with high calcium content and great amounts of high-quality protein, Chia seeds help to strengthen muscles and bones.

Natural detoxification – Chia seeds are found to be rich in fiber which is needed to prevent constipation. As they pass through the digestive tract, they remove toxins that are harmful to our bodies.

Here’s a video which talks about the benefits of these seeds.


Chia seeds are easy to eat. They can be consumed raw or coupled up with different meals. Chia seeds have high absorption rate forming a gelatinous texture when added to water making it easily mixable with cooked cereals or other dishes.

Finally, a great advantage of buying it online is the fact that you can use a discount code for vitacost and cut from the cost.


Although Chia seeds’ health benefits are truly many, a few people have complained about gastrointestinal disruptions, such as flatulence, stomach bloating and formation of gas after ingesting Chia seeds. This has been attributed to Chia’s high fiber content.


Chia seeds differ in price depending on the color and sachet size. In a nutshell, they range from $6 to $30 in Amazon.com. They are worth the price if you enroll to the monthly subscriptions. However, I encourage you to look for a vitacost promo and use it to save 10% off the product’s price.

A Coupon for Diet to Go and a Comparison with BistroMD, eDiets, and The Fresh Diet

All diet delivery systems seem to be a good idea, but what makes each of them special or different from the other? Today I am going to look at 4 different diet delivery systems and weight the pros and cons for each of them. They all are in the health and weight loss business and they all participate in a delivery option making our hectic lifestyles easier for us.

Before we start, let me tell you I am a little biased, as I have tried Diet to Go and I do like it. I would like to give you this Diet to Go coupon: SAVE25. This discount code for Diet to Go will save you 25% of the first week.

Diet to Go

(visit site)

Cost per Meal: $6.80

            Diet to Go is a weekly diet delivery service that provides fresh non-frozen delivery to your front step through UPS or FedEx. They have many locations in 5 major cites, mostly working along side with gyms and fitness facilities. If you don’t live near one of the 5 major cities, that isn’t a problem they will have them shipped directly to your front door. Diet to Go is a no commitment company that prides themselves on their three complete menus to help individuals lead the healthy lifestyle that they are striving for. Diet to Go is also hassle free and comes in a complete meal, there is no food preparation needed to go with their service. Diet to Go works for any individual that is looking for a quick but healthy meal and doesn’t want to sacrifice their food or their time. It delivers 4 different plans, 2 five day options and 2 seven day options.

The cost is only $6.80 per meal, but it gets below $5 if you use the Diet to Go coupon I mentioned above.


(visit site)

Cost per Meal: $8.57

            A couple started BistroMD, one was an MD and the other was a food junkie, in this they became BistroMD and have help many clients through weight loss struggles successfully. BistroMD doesn’t charge a weekly cancellation fee, same as Diet to Go, and they don’t ask their clients to sign a contract with them. BistroMD has a more limited menu and doesn’t off the side items with the meals. They also deliver their meals frozen to the door and require there to be some food preparation with their meals. BistroMD delivers a 5 or 7 day meal plan.


(visit site)

Cost per Meal: $7.05

            eDiet works strictly online and has an array of options and support systems. This diet basically works online as well as their consultants you work with. You call up and talk to one of their leaders and they help you plan your week out. eDiet does charge a cancellation fee of $30, and they do ask their clients to sign a contract with them. However, eDiets does have a large support team online. There are online chat rooms to go to and talk to people who have had the same problems that you are going through or to help motivate others with sharing the success that you have had. There is also a team that you can call in to if you are having troubles. eDiets delivers their meals in 5, 7, 10, or 14 days.

The Fresh Diet

Cost per Meal: $20.00

            The Fresh Diet is another one that is fresh and not frozen delivery. The Fresh Diet is the only other one besides Diet to Go that doesn’t require any other food preparation with it. They come shipped to you door ready to eat, of course with heating them up. The Fresh Diet is a commitment free contract as well and they don’t charge a cancellation fee either. The Fresh Diet delivers daily in some areas but mostly bi-weekly nationally.